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Carpet Cleaning Tustin

If you own a pet Carpet Cleaning Tustin is the right solutions for you.

Own a pet - fuzzy, furry, scaled or with gills - you've got to be especially fastidious when it comes to cleaning, because all pets leave their mark on your home, just like you do. This is true no matter whether your pet lives in a cage or an aquarium, a terrarium or is allowed to roam the house (or specific rooms). Pets shed, molt and leave dander. And let's face it; even those that are house-trained can have an accident every now and again.

It goes without saying that pet owners need to have the number of a professional carpet cleaning service handy at all times. Carpet Cleaning Tustin even offers special home carpet upholstery cleaning packages geared towards pet owners. The packages, which can be adapted to your needs, are geared towards fur/hair removal, pet dander removal, carpet stain removal and intensified pet odor removal.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Process

Carpet Cleaning Tustin prides itself on its commitment to the environment, which is why they use commercial grade carpet steam cleaning equipment and Eco-Friendly products for even the toughest jobs.

Carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning once every two years or so. Carpet Cleaning Tustin, however, recommends that pet owners have their carpets inspected every twelve to eighteen months before scheduling a cleaning session. If you follow the following maintenance steps, you may be able to go longer between professional cleanings.

Carpet Care for Pet Owners

  1. Vacuum often. If you've got a hairy pet, try damp mopping the carpet before vacuuming to remove some of the hair.
    • Note: Pet hair can easily become embedded in carpet and upholstery fibers where it will eventually start to smell.
    • Pet hair will inevitably clog you vacuum filter. If you experience loss of suction, clean your filters, empty the canister (or change the bag) before you continue vacuuming.
  2. Clean up messes as soon as they happen. If your pet has an accident, pick up and hard matter before it releases moisture into the carpet. Dab wet spots with a clean towel. Apply a solution of baking soda and water to remove stains.

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