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Keeping your carpets clean is not just a matter of appearance, it can be a matter of health. There are a number of ways that keeping your carpet clean can help prevent health issues

Carpet Cleaning Can Rid Your Carpet of Pollutants

Vacuuming can help to absorb a lot of the toxins that are in your carpet, but it won't really dig deep the way cleaning will, nor will it nullify the toxins that it can't absorb. The UCM Orange County cleaning process both nullifies and cleans your home of these toxins, creating a safe and clean environment for your indoors.

Toxic gases can actually cling to your carpet, being released as you walk over the floor or vacuum. Carpet cleaning will help to eradicate these gases, which can help to improve the health of the people and pets in your home.

Eradicating Allergens

Insect eggs, dust mites, dander, loose hair, etc. There is a lot of junk floating around in the air that can cause an allergic reaction and complicate respiratory conditions like asthma. By keeping your carpets clean, you can breathe easier and feel lighter. This is especially important around the spring time, when larger amounts of pollen are in the air. Many times you may find yourself sneezing, your eyes watering, your face itching, and you wonder how this is happening when you've been indoors all day. Well, if you tracked a lot of pollen in the day before, closed windows won't help.

Healthy For Your Property Too

Additionally, having a little less dust in your home means less wear and tear on objects around the house, as dust and dryness can make a lethal combination.

Cleaning your carpets isn't just for when the dog has an accident. By keeping your home relatively dust and pollutant free with UCM Orange County, you can breathe more easily and do a little less sneezing and coughing this spring.

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safe carpet cleaning
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