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"These guys really helped me out. I rented out a new place last week and after a few days noticed a harsh smell of pet urine and I could not do anything about it. Everything I tried just didn't help so I called the best carpet cleaning service at Anaheim as their ad proclaims and I was really surprised from the fact that the technician came after only one hour as he was in the area and dealt with the pet urine smell real quick and left a small bill to pay. I was so happy with UCM Services Orange County's service... I just felt I have to give you some positive feedback. Will call again!"

"Hi there guys, this email is just my way of thanking you for the great service last month. My house looks and smells great. Your technician recommended carpet steam cleaning and I really didn't know what it means as my mom usually handles all the cleaning of my house but now in my new apartment I am the boss and constantly looking for ways to keep my house clean and UCM Services Orange County service is one I am going to use often. Thanks!"

"Searching for the best carpet cleaner in orange county is a job that is getting harder from year to year. Each year when the time comes for getting ready for my spring cleaning I am looking for the best price/value for my money. This year I used UCM Services Orange County and was not disappointed. They have great service and a genuine straight forward policy when it comes to cleaning carpets which means they do not leave your house until you're well satisfied."

"My allergist recommended that I have the air ducts in my apartment cleaned. He said that cleaning the air ducts could improve the quality of the air that I was breathing when I was inside. Dr.Jonas also gave me the names of a few of air duct cleaning companies. I really liked the way that the folks at UCM Services Orange County spoke with me - they were polite and didn't mind all my questions. On cleaning day, they showed up on time and took care to cover up my carpets and furniture so that they wouldn't get dirty. The cleaning team were very methodical. They cleaned the inside and outside of the ducts and air conditioner. They also were careful - even though I had pre-approved an optional antifungal treatment, one of the cleaners asked me again before applying it. I was so impressed by their work, I'm sure I'll call on UCM Services Orange County for other big cleaning jobs."

"Our house is the one that everyone always comes to for the holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter... not to mention Mom and Dad's birthdays, their anniversary and my own family's celebrations. My point is, I love all the hubbub, but the furniture and carpets really take a beating. Someone always spills something, and don't you know, it's usually something like red wine, gravy - one year, Joey dropped an entire red velvet cake and one of the babies started playing in it. I do the best to clean up after each party, but even so, I call my buddies at UCM Services Orange County get all the dirt out at least once a year, usually in the summer when things quiet down a bit. I haven't found anyone who can remove carpet stains as well as they can, or for a better price. They use an Eco-friendly steam cleaning process that doesn't make my house smell like chemicals and they're trustworthy and fast. I've got Carpet Cleaning Orange County number on speed dial!"

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